Young researchers – It’s time to network!

The next generation of nutrition researchers is hatching at universities and research institutes around Finland. However, our work often involves a lot of sitting in front of our computers focusing on our own work. There is a risk that we have little knowledge of what others in the same career stage are doing. SRY wants to help us with this and has set up a team to develop networking opportunities for young nutrition researchers.

Come and join us in our first meeting at Kuopio on Friday 24th May 2019!

The event is aimed at young researchers: PhD students, recently defended researchers, master students interested in research as a career, or basically any member of SRY who identifies oneself as a young researcher. The goal is to get to know others in the same career stage, learn about what others are doing, and get new ideas and hopefully also some inspiration.

The program of the day is currently under construction, but the main focus will be on getting to know each other and present our own research. We will also hear about nutrition research conducted at the University of Eastern Finland. In addition to the scientific program, we want to organize something more relaxed, so the day will end with dinner.

You may wonder why this announcement is written in English, even though most of the activities organized by SRY are in Finnish. We now want to enable all international PhD students to take part in the event, too, so the language will be English. But let’s not stress too much about it, this may be an excellent opportunity to train for international conferences in a safe environment!

To conclude, please save the date on your calendar and follow your inbox. We will send further information about the program as well as instructions for registering.

Best regards,

The SRY young researchers’ group